Bringing accountability to industry keg floats

RFID hardware and software to track and manage kegs for owners, breweries, third party licensees, and distributors

The Problem:

Across the U.S., approximately $100M worth of kegs are lost in distribution each year.

Accounting for those kegs is almost impossible using today’s available tools.

The Solution:

Keg Hounds’ robust, patent pending RFID tags coupled with cutting-edge cloud reporting software and flexible financing options.

Industry Solutions
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Get a comprehensive overview of Keg tracking technologies by reading our White Paper. Learn how Keg Hounds compares with barcodes, passive RFID, active RFID, bluetooth, and GPS tracking technologies.

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Improve accountability and gain valuable, real-time insight into your keg inventory, movements history, and much more.

No Tool Installation

Patent pending RFID tag requires no tools for installation and lasts 20 years.


Real-time keg inventory visibility.

Chain of Custody

Chain of custody reporting: know who has your kegs at all times.

Keg Health Tracking

Keg age, maintenance history, and preventative maintenance reminders.

In-Depth Reporting

Keg life cycle and utilization, brew schedule planning, shipping and receiving history, variance notifications.

Works with legacy tech

Can be integrated with existing tracking applications and software.

Industry KPIs

Developed by beer-industry veterans for the beer industry.

Keg Hounds can help you save thousands of dollars each year by optimizing your keg float and minimizing waste.

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