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Keg movement is likely to be slow for a while, so most breweries will have possession of more kegs than usual for the next few months. Take advantage of this time to start working keg tracking into a part of your normal processes.

There are no commitments or fees for 6 months…and you don’t even have to talk to a sales rep if you don’t want to. After 6 months, pay just $2/keg/year.

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“Keg tracking has been a part of our workflow since we started distributing. Initially we used a homegrown method which we outgrew when our distribution footprint expanded. With great customer service, technical support and the web-based application being intuitive and easy to use, Keg Hounds is the answer for our tracking needs.”

Madtree Brewing Co., Matt Duddey, Packaging Manager

“Keg Hounds has become an integral part of how we do business. It gives us the ability to know exactly what goes out the door and where it ships. Shipments are now able to be invoiced promptly, taxes reported more easily, and kegs more accurately accounted for. Most of all Keg Hounds gives us some peace of mind around one of largest investments (kegs).”

Jackalope Brewing Co., Steve Wright, President

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